Prevent Hairfall with these Amazing Tips


60% of men and 50% of women face hair fall in their life before age 50. As the water and air are getting more polluted every day, there is no doubt that the rate of hair fall will increase. One in 4 men start balding before age 21, and we all know how emotionally attached people are with hair. People have been risking their lives and taking risky surgeries to get their hair back, which shows how desperate people are about their hair and looks. But the shocking part is that all the heavily priced toxic chemical products cannot match the results that organic and herbal products can provide.

People buy expensive shampoos to prevent dandruff, which is a significant reason for hair fall; instead of going for an herbal Dandruff oil for Scalp, they later regret it when they know the conditions are worsening. Here are some mind-blowing tips to help prevent hair fall without breaking the bank. 

Get adequate sleep

More than 80% of people don’t get adequate sleep, and such a significant reason leads to an obnoxiously high hair fall rate in both men and women. Sleep is essential for the protein synthesis of hair; inadequate sleep will trigger more hair fall. Not just to prevent hair fall, but adequate sleep is necessary for the complete well-being of the body.

Check the quality of the water

The thing that many of us skip in our minds is the importance of the quality of the water we consume or use for bathing. Harsh water constantly damages our Scalp and leads to multiple issues like itching rashes, and hair fall. To know the root cause of your sudden hair fall, it is wise to check the quality of the water and take immediate action if the water is harsh.  

Use a soft brush

How many of us pay attention to the brush we use? Close to no one, but this is a big differentiator as a stiff brush constantly damages the hair. Get a soft brush made from natural fibers; this investment will pay you back with strong and healthy hair. 

Tip- Don’t comb your hair while they are wet because it can lead to breakages.

Massage your hair with herbal oil 

Massaging the hair has to be one of the most basic ways to care for your hair. Using an herbal oil can strengthen your hair and increase its growth. The oil goes directly to the Scalp and nourishes it, which gives us some great results within a few weeks. Before going for a bath, massaging your hair will add a protective layer and increase its density. Our previous generations regularly massaged their hair, so they didn’t struggle with hair fall at a young age. 

Tip- You can go for Rahat Rooh if you want an herbal oil with kalonji. It is scientifically proven that kalonji reduces the dryness of hair and promotes hair growth, so opting for an herbal oil with kalonji can nourish and benefit your hair.


Hair loss is becoming a common issue in every household, and stress and panic is not the way to handle it. By following these tips and relaxing a bit, you will surely see some reduction in hair fall. 

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