Shine, serenity and strength: the many benefits of hair oiling!

Since childhood, your mother and grandmother may have told you how important and beneficial hair oiling is. They would say it’s the ultimate solution to all the hair problems, such as hair fall, split-ends, etc.

Yes, there are benefits to applying hair oil, but which hair oil you choose and the hair oiling technique also makes a huge difference to your hair. So, in the following blog, we will discuss all the benefits of hair oiling for men and women and the right way for hair oil application. Keep reading:

What are the benefits of hair oiling?

1. Promotes growth and volume 

All hair oils are enriched with vital nutrients that help promote your hair growth and thickness. Applying the hair oil and massaging the scalp improves blood circulation, which helps in an increase in hair growth and volume.

2. Prevents hair damage and split-ends

Another advantage of hair oiling is preventing damage from heat styling and brushing. Excessive heat styling and brushing can cause dull and damaged hair. Regularly applying herbal hair oil like Rahat Rooh Ayurvedic Ratna can help promote strong and healthy hair and also prevent split ends. 

3. Prevents lice 

The benefits of applying hair oil also help prevent lice. A dry and itchy scalp causes germs, which attracts lice. Oiling your hair regularly helps eliminate the dead skin cells that cause germs and prevents dryness and this keeps lice at bay. 

4. Reduces dryness and dandruff

Regularly hair oiling can also reduce dandruff. Hair oils possess anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and can help provide scalp hydration and reduce dandruff. Regularly oiling and washing your hair can reduce dry and itching scalp.

5. Relieves stress

We discussed how oil can improve your hair and scalp health in the above points. But a good hair oil and head massage can also help you get quick relief from headaches or stress. Due to the massage, the blood circulation around your head increases, which provides relaxation. Rahat Rooh Medicated Hair Oil is an excellent blend of powerful herbs that can quickly relieve you from stress and headaches.

How to apply oil to your hair? 

Hair oiling is very easy and can be done the right way in the following steps: 

Step 1: Choose the appropriate hair oil for your hair needs. 

Step 2: Apply oil on your scalp and hair ends. 

Step 3: Use your fingers and palms to massage your scalp. You can even use a scalp massager. 

Step 4: If leaving oil overnight, wearing a shower cap when sleeping is best. 

Step 5: Apply shampoo and rinse in the morning.

Oiling your hair offers many benefits. Regular oiling can provide shine and luster to your hair and prevent any damage caused by the chemicals in your shampoo’s ingredients. So, to achieve healthy, strong, and shining hair, apply hair oil regularly.